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Team Pictures from 2010

On this page we will feature team pictures from recent seasons - so as we build them up if you have others - let us know if we can't name any player and you know.

2017/18 West Cheshire League Champions 

South Liverpool FC 2017/18
Picture West Cheshire League 1st Division v Upton AA 30/9/17

Back Row (l-r) Tony Peet (physio), Gary Pollard,  Matt Hughes, Steve Doyle, Mason Nevitt,  Peter Webster, Paul Lundon, Brad Coulter, Kenny Deakin (asst manager), Stephen Ward (coach), Martin Ryman (manager) 

Front row (l-r) Gary Dunning, Alex Woodcock, Peter McShane, Tony Sayer, Jay Thomas, Eddie Renaud, Fraser Ablett

2017/18 West Cheshire League Youth Division Champions & Plate Winners

South Liverpool FC Youth 2017/18

South Youth with the League Trophy - May 2018

Back Row (l-r): Rob Lewis, Curtis Elias, Jordan McDonough, Michael Kielty, Luke Walsh, Kai McAlister, Jack Mulholland, Charlie Farrell, Steve Jeffers & Jamie Cassidy (Manager)


Front Row (l-r): Jamie Cassidy jnr (captain), Chris Wilkinson, David Clelland & Liam Murphy.

2016/17 Reserves West Cheshire League Division Two




Team v West Kirby Res 18th February 2017

Back Row: (l-r) Billy Birch (Asst Manager), Harry Rietdyk (mascot), Adam Shelton, Craig Byrne, Ricardo Perez, David Cringle (capt), Gavin Doran, Adam Langley, Jordan McGowan, David Rietdyk (Manager)

Front Row; (l-r) Reggie Royes, David Mee, Adam Brittles, Andy Lloyd, Patrick Doyle, Gerard Forde

2016/17 West Cheshire League Youth Division champions

South youth team lifted the league title in 2017

Back Row (l-r): Jamie Cassidy (Asst Manager), Josh McCabe, Rob Lewis, Michael Kielty, Luke Walsh, Jack Riding, Luke Wilson, Kai McAlister, Liam Murphy, Liam O Flaherty & Terry Scott (Manager)

Front Row (l-r): John Morgan, Chris Wilkinson, Jamie Cassidy jnr (captain), Jordan McDonough, Charlie Farrell, David Clelland & Steve Jeffers.

2015/16 Reserves - West Cheshire Second Division

South Liverpool Reserves 2015/16

v Prescot Cables Res - West Cheshire League Division 2 - February 2016

Back Row: Billy Birch (asst manager), Matt Crossey, Chris Muies, Adam Langley, Craig Byrne, David Mee, Jordan McGowan, Billy Dolphin, Ryan McMahon, James Welsh, Francis Evans, Barry Roach (coach) & Carl Buoey (manager)

Front Row: Scott Binmuda, Adam Shelton, Ricardo Perez, Adam Brittles, Andy Lloyd, Neil Roach (captain)

West Cheshire League 2014/15 - Champions

South Liverpool FC 2014/15 West Cheshire League Champions

South celebrate the 2014/15 League titlle

Back Row (l-r) - Nick Walker, Gary Pollard, Gary Dunning, Alex Woodcock, Matt Hughes, Nathan Trout, Sam Mass.

Front Row (l-r) - Andy Walker, Steve Doyle, Steve Kelly, David Cringle, Cameron Dalton, Louis Fay 


Youth Team 2014/15 Treble winners

Back Row (l-r): Dave McDonough (asst manager), Mike Davies, Jamie Clair, Conor Burns, David Mee, Jordan McGowan, Steve Timson, Craig Byrne, Vita Mbolokele, Alex Walsh, Adam Langley, Alex Griffiths, Mark Eyres (Manager)

Front Row (l-r):Paul Rogers, Shaun Hale, Mark Gurrell, James Craig, Ben Dickson, Adam Evans.

West Cheshire League 2013/14 - First Division 

South Liverpool 2013/14

Team above v Mossley Hill 2nd April 2014

Back Row (l-r)

Martin Ryman (manager), Stephen Ward (coach), Louis Fay, Steve McLinden, Luke Picken, Gary Pollard, Cameron Dalton, Steve Doyle, Kenny Deakin (asst manager).
Front Row (l-r)
Carl Gargan, Alex Woodcock, Gary Dunning, Elliott Burnett, Kevin Martin, Adam Rood (captain), Mike Thompson, Tom Kinsella.
Squad not present - Matt Hughes, Steve Kelly and Craig Willams

West Cheshire League Division Two Champions 2012/13

SOUTH LIVERPOOL FC - Back Row (l-r) Martin Ryman (manager) Alex Woodcock, Steve McLinden, Neil Best, Elliott Burnett, Peter Webster, Stephen Ward, Colin Deakin, Matt Hughes, Gary Pollard, Kenny Deakin (asst manager).

Front Row (l-r) Steve Kelly, Tom Kinsella, Cameron Dalton, Kevin Martin, Adam Rood (capt) Andrew Tull, Matt Lowe.

West Cheshire League Division Three Champions 2011/12

South celebrate the West Cheshire League Third Division title in April 2012 at closest rivals Helsby who also achieved promotion as runners up


(left to right): Billy Birch (chairman), Tom Kinsella, Martin Ryman (manager), Matt Hughes,

Gary Pollard, Alex Woodcock, Colin Deakin, Patrick O'Hanlon, Paul Mutch, Gerard Forde, Kevin Martin, Sean Davies, Adam Rood (capt), Peter Webster, Andrew Tull, Matt Butler,

Tom Stewart.  (Camera shy asst manager Ken Deakin's arm appears on the extreme left!) 

South Reseves 2011/12 Zingari Combination Division Two Champions

South Liverpool reserves 2011/12 Zingari Combination Division Two Champions

Back Row (l-r) Carl Buoey (manager), Chris Piercy, Pat Kelly, Colin Deakin, Phil Thompson, James Welsh, Sean Riley, Lee McNally, Gerard Forde, Declan Lynch, Billy Birch (asst manager), Francis Evans

Front Row (l-r) Ian McBride, Matt Hughes, Mitchell McNally, Neil Roach (capt), Adam Brittles, Shane Whoriskey, Connor Reilly, Chris Short, Ryan Lee.

2010/11 County Premier League I Zingari Cup winners

South deservedly won the I Zingari Cup on 3rd May 2011 at LCFA headquarters with a Mike Thompson super shot, having all turned in a seasons best all round team performance. 

South Liverpool Reserves 2010/11 - Liverpool County FA Premier League First Division

Back: Carl Buoey (Manager), Adam Halliday, Paul Wilson, Phil Mason, John Reynolds, Sean Riley, Neil Roach, Liam Patton, James Ormesher, Andy Brown (capt), Tommy McMahon, Billy Birch (Asst Manager).

Front: Chris Jones, Alex Woodcock, Mark Barnes, Ryan Lee, Adam Brittles, Pat Kelly, Ian Callaghan, Mark Ryman (trainer).

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