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South's new home: Jericho Lane Sports Hub

The impressive Jericho Lane Sports Hub has now opened and South's firrst and reserves play on the central stadium pitch which is adjacent to The North Field. Our Vets team will play on the adjacent pitch on Sundays. 

Our Saturday kick offs are 3.00 pm and Sundays are Noon. We confirm venue on both our website, Facebook & Twitter pages.


The site is part of the highly impressive multi million pound joint develeopement by Liverpool City Council, The Liverpool County FA and the Football Association and first impressions from our initial games is just how good a facility it is.


South along with Liverpool Feds Women FC (who play on Sundays) are the main football clubs on site. Alumni of the Liverpool County Prem will also play here which sees them return home to Otterspool along with Liverpool Tritan RUFC on the specially developed RFU pitch at the site.


Entry to the site is on Otterspool Drive at the bottom of Jericho Lane, next to the Miller & Carter Restaurant, Otterspool, see our map page for directions.


The grounds postcode it L17 5AL.


There are requirements for entry to the Hub and these are shown below; 

Access Instructions to The Jericho Lane Sports Hub

The entry requirements are for ALL visitors, players & officials who need to register. Membership /Registration is free (unless you join the on-site Jericho Lane Gym) and below is a current step by step to join on-line;


On the Internet go to –  Click on the choose football location icon, choose “Jericho Lane”. 


On the next page you are directed to the St Georges Park secure page then click on button to “create account”. Complete the registration page. 


On the Interest box click if you are spectator, currently player & official do not appear  as an option so leave blank, for now!  You need an email address and phone number.


On this page you can request to receive (or not) info from the Hub or Leisure United.  If you don’t click on the box you don’t get any info!


The next page is to confirm that you’ve read the information and agreed to it. 


Then you are asked if you wish to add others to your registration, at this point skip to next and you should get a message that you’ve joined Parklife which allows access to all four sites in the City.


You should then receive a scan for your mobile phone which can also be printed out but you must take it whenever you attend. 


South realise some may not have internet access, so once we get numbers onto the system, the club will agree with the site operators how we get those with no web access on the scheme and how we register all our opponents. 


Enjoy and welcome to Jericho Lane Sports Hub - home of South Liverpool FC.

Whats new on the web site

Sept 2018 - 2018/19 team pics of Youth & Vets teams  in Team Section. 1957/58 Team Pictures in Previous Team photos section (1950's).

South Liverpool FC High Score Weekly Draw

Our weekly double ticket has a prize of £60 pw and are available from committee members at £1 each to get the two highest home team scores in the selected games.


During the summer months the doubles ticket continue and uses the Sunday Post results to decide the winner.  


Here are recent results which are available on Sunday afternoons, 


19 May - 8 with 4, 5, 9, 14, 15, 17 or 18    (7 winners - £8.50 each)


12 May - 11 with 4, 9 or 14                       (3 winners - £20 each)

  5 May - Two from 4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 14 or 16 (21 winners - £3 each)


27 April   - Two from 6, 10 or 16              ( 3 winners - £20 each)

20th April - 4 and 17                              (1 winner - £60)  

13th April - Two from 8, 10 or 15              (3 winners - £20 each) 

  6th April - 10 with 7, 9 or 16                (3 winners - £20 each)


31st March   - 11 and 13                            (1 winner - £60) 

24th March - 10 with 2, 3, 4, 8, 11 or 13   (6 winners - £10 each)

17th March - 1 and 13                             (1 winner - £60)

10th March     - 7 with 6, 8, 9, 17 or 18      (5 winners - £12 each)

  3rd March    - 11 with 6, 12 or 17             (3 winners - £20 each)



JUNE 2018
Here's the link to an article produced by Matthew Jones for Parallel.cyrmru featuring mainly our club's appearance in the Welsh Cup Final in 1939. …

Its bilingual with Welsh on the left and English on the right. Our thanks to Matt in producing this!


After his 1991 book HOLLY PARK - THE LOST YEARS Hyder extended and updated the information to produce a new tome covering both our club and the two previous unconnected clubs that bore the name, entitled REST IN PIECES, South Liverpool Football Clubs 1894 - 1994. The hard back book was published in April 2013 and sold out which was impressive reflecting the affection to our club and all its history. A paperback version followed in 2014 which added more text and pictures stretchcing to over 650 pages. Our club does not now have any copies available for sale but can sometimes be found on Amazon or E-Bay.

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