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SOUTH LIVERPOOL FC 1945/46 courtesy of Hyder Jawad

South Liverpool's first team picture after the Second World War. Its hard to pinpoint its precise date but as Len Salmon only played four games it's probably September / October 1945.


South in White Shirts, Black Shorts and Red & Black Socks as the purple maroon and gold shirts were unable to be acquired due to post war restrictions and cost. This combination remains our first team strip to this day although for over 40 years the socks have been red.


South Liverpool FC team; 

Back Row (l-r) Tommy Urmston, Bill Healey, Bill Roper, Wilf Monk, Tommy Halliwell, Len Salmon (trainer J Kane is just off picture - see below)

Front Row (l-r) George Leadbetter, George Jones, Harold Bates (capt), Ken Riding, Tommy Oxton 


Its also interesting to note this is post war and four pre war regulars are still in place (Roper, Salmon, Leadbetter & Jones). They would each only play in 45/46


Ex Player, Tommy Halliwell contacted us in Feb 2016 with the lower copy of the team picture and he was able to complete all the names of his team mates and highlighted Harold Bates was our captain at the time. Sadly Tommy's family conatcted us in September 2016 to give us the sad news that he had died in his Sheffield home, age 92.


South Liverpool FC 1945/46 - picture courtesy of Tommy Helliwell

Here is the same picture as above this time with trainer Jimmy Kane shown 

(His name is spelt Cain but we think it should be Kane!)

South Liverpool FC 1946/47


Back Row (l-r)  Alan Beaumont, David Parker, Alf Hobson, Teddy Morris, Harry Bates, Jimmy Kane (trainer)

Front Row (l-r) Bill Kinghorn, Arthur Frost, Ken Riding, Bob Smith (player-coach), Gordon Bailey, Charlie Lewis.


The musicians behind the team are The Dingle Silver Prize Band (Conductor W B Godfrey LNCM) who in that season regularly played before the game and at half time.


This photo is from Gerorge Corfield's family photos of W.J.D. (Bill) Kinghorn, who is his wife’s father. Bill is seated front row far left.


Bill Kinghorn signed for Liverpool FC in May 1938 from Queens Park FC Scotland and played during the 1938-39 season, but the 1939-40 season was cut short and with other Liverpool players he joined the Territorials and was a guest player at numerous clubs throughout the war period.  He left Liverpool FC after the war and was playing for South Liverpool FC in 1946-47. 


George doesn’t have the precise date of the photo, but it could likely be the opening day of the season as Bill Kinghorn is named in the team. If it is we suffered a 1- 2 defeat against Wrexham Reserves. Our goal was scored by Ken Riding. Hewitt and McLarty scored for Wrexham. Jesse McLarty signed for South at the start of the 1947/48 season


Charlie Lewis was signed by Halifax Town at the end of the season staying with them to May 1949 and Alan Beaumont went on to play for Chester City.


Arthur Frost just pre War had been signed by Newcastle United from New Brighton for £2,515 (now about £150,000). Arthur died in 1998.


Thanks to Danielle (Dave Parkers grandaughter) for identfying him in the picture.


His full name was Willaim David Parker and he first appeared with us in 1945/46 and was at South until late 1948 and would take over the captains role from Bob Smith in 1948.  He is called in one away programme at Buxton (16/2/1946) "Parker of the Wolves" showing where South signed him from and he was previously at Hull City 


Bob Smith took the job as manager of Ajax (Amsterdam) at the end of the 1946/47 season. South would play and beat 3-2 Ajax at the end of the 47/48 season on their short Dutch tour. It is fair to point out Dutch football was some way off what it would be twenty five years later!!! 


Thanks to Phil Bailey identifying his father Gordon Bailey


Gordon Bailey, prior to the War played for Everton before being called up. Prior to that he had played for Liverpool Schoolboys also also got one cap as an England Schoolboy International. Gordon generally played on the left wing but also played at inside left.


Thanks to Ray Jones son of Wilf Jones a former South Director for adding names to this picture.

South Liverpool FC offical team photo 1946/47 courtesy Hyder Jawad

Pictured at Holly Park, prior to the Benefit game against Everton on Monday 23rd September 1946. The Benefit game was for South stalwarts, Bill Roper & George Jones who had been in South pre war team successes from 1935. 5,200 turned up that evening and we sold 2,580 programmes! Each player received a cheque from the Lord Mayor of £100 (worth about £4,000 now). South lost 3-1 to the Blues (ht 1 -1), South's goal came from Tony Powell. Everton scorers Fielding, Grant & Higgins. The referee was Mr W H E Evans of Liverpool who was one of the most respected referees of his day. Everton's team: Birkett, Jackson, Finis, Bentham, Edwards, McPeake, Grant, Owen, Higgins, Fielding, Eglington.

May 1948 South in The Netherlands (v Ajax)

In May 1948 South accepted an invitation to play two games in The Netherlands. South's previous team manager, Bob Smith, had take up a post in late 1947 at Ajax. South first lost to Zaalandsche 4 -1 then winning at Ajax 3 -2 . On the 70th anniversary of that game Ajax kindly researched and found their club magazine at the time and supplied South with a copy . Sadly we still don't know who scored our goals that day although we do know Jesse McLarty got our consolation in the first game. Here is teh programem from the Ajax game. 

South Liverpool at Zaalandsche 12 May 1958

Here are the team prior to the first game in the Netherlands at Zaalandsche.

Back Row (l-r) Harold Maher (Director), Stan Johns, Fred Finney, Ken Parr, Arthur Franks, Harry bates, Tommy Urmston, Teddy Morris. 

Front Row (l-r) John Hughes, Alf Hanson (with Zalansche mascot), Arthur Frost, Stan Pickstock, John Duncan (Director).  Player not pictured is Jesse Mclarty (who scored!). 

South had played Zaalandsche already at Holly Park on 8th September 1947 winning 2-0, goals from Arthur Frost & Charlie Lewis.   


Pictue kindly provided by the family of Arthur Franks


SLFC Cheshire League Squad 1949/50

South Liverpool FC at Holly Park prior to their Isle Of Man tournament visit.


Back Row (l-r)  Teddy Morris (left back), Eddie Pauline (right back), Pearson, Gerard Currie, Ken Maddocks, Arthur Franks (keeper), Ron Moore (keeper), Phillips, George Makin, Stan Johns (centre forward)


Middle Row (l-r) Seed, Jesse McLarty (inside forward), John Bennison (inside forward), Arthur Frost (centre forward), Maurice Hill (defender), Albert Stuhlberg, G. Smith, Evans.


Front Row (l-r) Gordon Bailey, Kenny Parr (left half), Jimmy Kane, Ronnie Wright.


Thanks to Ian Johns for spotting his late uncle Stan Johns - Stan was transferred to West Ham later that season where his stay was short and sweet notching two 2 goals in 6 league games. He returned to Liverpool and eventually lived in Weaverham and worked for ICI while playing for Weaverham. He died in 1985 in a road accident while returning from a fishing trip. 

May 1950 Pre Isle of Man Tour full picture

This is a different picture from above (albeit poor quality) but taken at the same photo shoot. In this version the non playing staff are visible. On the left are RA Joynson (secretary - manager), Tommy Mairs (trainer) while in front is Tony Strachan. On the right side is Bill Roper (assistant trainer) & Ted Savage (team manager) 

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