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Team Pictures 2017 to 2021

2020/21 North West Counties League 

Back Row (l-r) Martin Ryman (Manager), Stephen Ward (asst manager), Gary Pollard, Andy Lloyd, Steve Doyle, Cameron Dalton (captain), Peter Webster, Tony Sayer, Peter McShane, Mason Nevitt, Jak McCourt, Tony Peet (physio), David Cringle (coach)    

Front Row (l-r) Brad Williams, Matt Hughes, Alex Woodcock, Steve Kelly, Kevin Martin, Kevin Cringle, Owen Hough, Stuart Cornfoot.

2019/20 West Cheshire League

2019/20 West Cheshire League

West Cheshire League v Neston Nomads 19/10/19

Back Row (l-r) Martin Ryman (manager), Stephen Ward (asst manager) Brad Williams, Andy Lloyd, Mason Nevitt, Steve Longrigg, Peter McShane, Steve Doyle, Kieran Gaul, Tony Sayer (capt) , David Cringle (coach). Front row (l-r) Jack Bennett, Alex Woodcock, Steve Kelly, Stuart Cornfoot, Kevin Martin, Kevin Cringle, Ali Birmingham.

2018/19 West Cheshire League

2018/19 first team picture at our new home

Team v Newton 26/01/19

Back Row (l-r) - Martin Ryman (manager), James Fraser, Sam Kershaw, Danny Ventre, Peter McShane, Colin Griffiths (gk), Carl Hill, Craog Smith, Jay Thomas.

Front Row (l-r) - Andy Lloyd, Brad Coulter, Cameron Dalton (capt), Sharif Yusuf, Eddie REnaud, Kevin Cringle,  

2018/19 West Cheshire League

16 February 2019 (h) v Chester Nomads
Back Row (l-r): Andy Lloyd, Sam Kershaw, Peter McShane, Peter Webster (gk), Danny Bulayima, Danny Ventre, Joel Douglas, Tom Rutnam.

Front Row (l-r): Chris Wilkinson, Sharif Yusuf, Cameron Dalton (capt), Brad Coulter, Phil Ojapah, Kevin Cringle.    

2017/18 West Cheshire League Champions 

South Liverpool FC 2017/18
Picture West Cheshire League 1st Division v Upton AA 30/9/17

Back Row (l-r) Tony Peet (physio), Gary Pollard,  Matt Hughes, Steve Doyle, Mason Nevitt,  Peter Webster, Paul Lundon, Brad Coulter, Kenny Deakin (asst manager), Stephen Ward (coach), Martin Ryman (manager) 

Front row (l-r) Gary Dunning, Alex Woodcock, Peter McShane, Tony Sayer, Jay Thomas, Eddie Renaud, Fraser Ablett

2017/18 West Cheshire League Youth Champions & Plate Winners

South Liverpool FC Youth 2017/18

South Youth with the League Trophy - May 2018

Back Row (l-r): Rob Lewis, Curtis Elias, Jordan McDonough, Michael Kielty, Luke Walsh, Kai McAlister, Jack Mulholland, Charlie Farrell, Steve Jeffers & Jamie Cassidy (Manager)

Front Row (l-r): Jamie Cassidy jnr (captain), Chris Wilkinson, David Clelland & Liam Murphy.

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